Bill seeks more flexibility in beer distribution

By Dan Adams GLOBE STAFF Massachusetts brewers unveiled a last-minute legislative proposal that would dramatically reorder the state’s beer industry, making it far easier for breweries to switch among distributors that bring their brews to bars and package stores. The measure, filed Wednesday by state Senator Barbara L’Italien, would effectively repeal the state’s decades-old beer-franchise […]

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Massachusetts House Approves Bill To Boost Hydro, Wind Power

Legislation that could make hydro and wind power a bigger part of the state’s overall energy mix has passed the Massachusetts House. The bill approved Wednesday would require utilities to solicit long-term contracts for importing an additional 1,200 megawatts each of Canadian hydroelectricity and offshore wind. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and Democratic legislative leaders have […]

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Boston Globe Editorial: Hydro power needed to meet state’s 2020 carbon goal

For those inclined to see the glass half full, Massachusetts has made enormous strides in reducing its carbon emissions. Coal-fired plants, the worst offenders, are dying out across the Commonwealth. Investments in energy efficiency have lowered demand. The solar panels sprouting up along the Massachusetts Turnpike are only the most visible of the new generation […]

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